DigiTaxs Advisory provides business coaching and consulting services with a focus on Customer First.

The focus is to work with our client’s to address their most critical business issues.

The ONE person who can make your business successful is YOU.

As a business coach & consultant, we work with you to achieve exponential growth.

If you need a mentor, a growth strategist, a go-to-market blueprint provider or help on improving organizational efficiency or help with your transformation or sustainability journey.

What We Do

We offer business coaching for entrepreneurs. We help Entrepreneurs achieve their short-term goals while building up competencies and capabilities to achieve their long-term vision.

We focus on unlocking the latent potential present within and outside of the organization.

This nurtures their bottom line and helps promote growth.


Our business coaching & consulting services deliver effective solutions in, strategy, problem-solving, innovation and business transformation across industries.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

“The one person who can make your business successful is no one else but YOU!”

This statement is as true as the fact that every businessman going forward will have a Business Coach.
What is a Business Coach?
A Business Coach works with business owners the same way, as a sports coach works with a sportsperson. The aim is to maximize the business owner's and their business's potential.
As Business Success Coach & Mentor, we view your business objectively. Provide you with knowledge & tools; motivate you to create a vision and path for Growth.
As they say, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We offer expertise in coaching Startups, SMEs, and MSMEs.
You can sign up for a free business health check and get a complimentary session of business consultation with Coach Ratish Pandey.

Business Strategy

Using the industry and market insights, the DigiTaxs Advisory Team helps organizations develop strategies for growth and achieving long term goals. Given the uncertainty of the business environment, we help devise strategies that are flexible yet robust.

Our business coaching services coach owners to make informed choices while drafting the business plan. Next, guide them to communicate the plan to build ownership amongst staff at every level of business division and function.
This ensures seamless execution & help incorporate control mechanisms that empower Staff at each level.
Hence, ensuring the successful execution of the plan.
As a Business Coach we work to create a successful business. Whether one is starting a business or one is feeling stagnated, we have the tools and withal to take them a trajectory they aimed but have not scaled yet!
The coaching relationship is important to us, we take the Coach-Coachee, Mentor-Mentee confidentiality seriously.
Business Strategy
business problum

Problem Solving

Most of the time the solution to a problem lies within the organization. At Ethique Advisory we excel at unlocking the inherent potential and delivering effective results.

We provide guidance and tools to help businesses create profitable services and products that effectively address customer requirements.

Business Transformation

Transformation is a necessity for a rapidly growing business that evolves with changing market demands.


The DigiTaxs Advisory Team assists organizations through their transformation journey.They help manage change, help prime the business to scale. We help businesses expand markets, realize topline growth and bottom line aspirations by capturing opportunities presented by the market.


We know Business Coaching helps, but do not believe us, hear it from people who benefited from it.